Geneva Motor Show: Koenigsegg CCX, CCXR and CCGT

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Those Super-Swedes over at Koenigsegg serve up a potent reminder that not all supercars come from Italy. In fact, some of the fastest don't, as evidenced by the Koenigsegg CCX, whose level of performance ranks among the top of the supercar realm.

At the Geneva show, Koenigsegg was in full force, displaying three glorious examples: an "ordinary" orange CCX (as if it could be considered "ordinary" by any conceivable standard), plus a black ethanol-converted CCXR and a white FIA GT1-spec CCGT.

As we previously reported, the Koenigsegg CCX is so potent that it had to be de-tuned and "censored" to meet race regulations to make the CCGT. Power was reduced from 806 to 600 horsepower, and aerodynamic elements had to be replaced to meet specifications. The CCXR, meanwhile, produces more power running on ethanol than on gasoline, making a mind-blowing 1018 horsepower and 780 lb-ft of torque.

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