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Barrett-Jackson sues customer for defamation

Pardon us if we're very careful how we present this post. You see, the last time we posted on the situation surrounding allegations of impropriety being levied against Barrett-Jackson Auctions, we got nailed with a comment by Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson. The comment chastised us for reporting on a post by Sam Barer of Four Wheel Drift concerning these allegations that has since been retracted.

Regardless, we learned from that experience that Barrett-Jackson is serious about protecting its reputation, and as such filed suit yesterday against one of its consignors from its recent Scottsdale event. According to the press release from Barrett-Jackson that surfaced today, the consignor was unhappy with the $300,000 sale price of his vehicle and placed chains and locks on the car after the auction. The release then says the man harnessed the power of the interweb to defame Barrett-Jackson by claiming the sale of his car was void due to "auction irregularities". BJ also claims that the "ongoing internet smear campaign", in which it appears we've been accused of participating, stems from this particular consignor.

So... that's all we're gonna say about this particular topic, because we don't want to be sued, either. Feel free to say what you want in the comments, though.

Check out the full press release from Barrett-Jackson after the jump.

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 16 -- Late yesterday
Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. LLC filed suit in U.S. District Court in
relation to a situation that occurred at the company's January 2007
Scottsdale event. A consignor, apparently unhappy with the $300,000 sale
price of his vehicle, placed chains and locks on the vehicle after it
crossed the auction block and was sold, while it sat in the area where
featured auction cars were displayed. He posted multiple notices on the
vehicle claiming that the sale was void due to claimed "auction
irregularities," and published other false and defamatory statements about
Barrett-Jackson in view of the company's customers and the thousands of
patrons attending the event. Barrett-Jackson's internal legal and security
teams, and the Scottsdale Police Department, responded to the incident and
documented the damage.

An ongoing internet smear campaign has stemmed from this seller
dispute, with numerous defamatory rumors and untrue statements being
published to websites and online chat rooms viewed by the company's core
customer base. In particular, an untrue, derogatory and defamatory
"article" referring to the above incident has made its way onto more than
20 automotive-related online "blogs" and discussion boards frequented by
thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world.

Barrett-Jackson filed its lawsuit in order to protect its 36-year
reputation and business interests by seeking to correct the untrue
information that has been published, and by filing suit against the
responsible party on six separate counts, including defamation and breach
of contract.

Barrett-Jackson constantly strives to maintain the utmost ethical
standards in all the company's operations and activities. The company
recognizes that not every customer will be happy with the result of every
auction sale, and the Barrett-Jackson team values thoughtful, well-informed
feedback. However, Barrett-Jackson takes the company's business reputation
very seriously, and will do whatever is necessary to defend against
unfounded claims.

Copies of the lawsuit can be obtained by contacting the clerk of the
U.S. District Court in Phoenix or at

About The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz.,
Barrett-Jackson specializes in providing products and services to classic
and collector car owners, astute collectors and automotive enthusiasts
around the world. The company produces the "World's Greatest Collector Car
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