Pre-production Lancia Fulvia could be heading to Frankfurt

With nearly all of its other sister companies – Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Fiat and even Abarth – getting on track, the attention at the Fiat group should be turning to its ailing Lancia division next. But don't expect Fiat to drag its feet about it much longer, as Lancia may have a new car ready to show us as soon as September.

Emerging reports suggest that Lancia is preparing a new Fulvia, in full pre-production guise, for the upcoming Frankfurt motor show in the fall. The last time we saw a Fulvia it was the show car above, a retro styling exercise from the Lancia Centro Stile, that didn't make it to production because they didn't have the money or the right platform on which to build it. But the Fiat group has headed into a new era of growth, and the time may be coming for a new Fulvia to spearhead Lancia's regeneration.

Insiders suggest that instead of the retro-styled Fulvia concept from 2003, the new car will feature a thoroughly modern design. This should be interesting.

[Source: WindingRoad]

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