New Twingo's dash features rubber grass

click above image for high-res version

We're filing this under "Wish I'd thought of that."

Renault, in its redesigned Twingo (appropriately named New Twingo), is offering an option it calls "Grass-mat" dashboard trim. Essentially, it's a toothbrush turned bristles-up that holds all those gadgets we love so dear in our cars. The rubber fingers sit in a divot in front of the steering wheel, looking much like an abnormally blue sea anemone ready to coddle your Nemo-like iPod in motionless safety. No more digging under the seat for the phone that went flying in turn three, no unsightly Velcro on dash and phone, no more mining the seats for change at the toll booth. Genius.

Click on the above photo (or here) for an up-close, high-res look at the Renault's rubber grass, and click here to see what a New Twingo looks like.

Thanks for the tip, James!

[Source: T3]

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