One V8-ified Mini to rule them all

Even with the works package, those all-caps MINIs have nothing on this right proper little monster. A tip of the hat to Carlos, who alerted us to this deliciously ridiculous transformation, performed at the hands of Remy and Jeremy Vos. The project began with the germ of an idea, and off they went to the workshop to build the frame supporting the GM small-block and rear suspension. We applaud building the car around the engine. Even this Frankensteined Mini can't get beyond some BMW involvement, though. The Roundel parts bin was raided for braking components, the rear axle, the steering column, and a new MINI donated a power steering pump. There's even a nod to the R56 in the hoodscoop. Overall, we think the results turned out quite nicely. It's totally impractical, but we gather practicality wasn't the goal here. Good show.

[Source: via transport trends]

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