Bush Administration and the DOE helping invest in solar technology

President Bush outlined what he is calling the Advanced Energy Initiative in his State of the Union speech. Part of this initiative includes investment in solar technology. Specifically, the Department of Energy has chosen 13 Industry-Led solar projects. Click here for a list of the companies. The current total investment is $168 million and could increase to $357 million in three years, depending on the individual success of each project.
These projects should lead to an increase in the efficiency of solar cells and a decrease of the price that is necessary to produce the cells and their subsystems. This is good news for electric car fans, as it could be a boon to the industry allowing more people to add solar power to their homes or garages, making it feasible to charge their cars off the grid. If the cells come down in price, perhaps it will start making more sense to include them on future electric vehicles.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]

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