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Geneva Motor Show: V12 quad-turbo R34 GT-R

Click the image above for more pics of the DigitalChip R34 Skyline GT-R.

During our time in the grand metropolis of Geneva, we had every intention of spending some quality time at the tuner expo adjacent to the main halls. But with all that was going on, time was limited, and aside from the R8-ified TT and those kick ass chairs that our friend Paukert found, there wasn't too much of interest. Then we came across this.

Luc-Michel Faichaud didn't think that the stock RB in his Skyline R34 GT-R would keep up with the rigors of track duty at the power levels he wanted to produce, so he yanked the stock mill and replaced it with a 6.7L V12. And then – just for kicks – bolted on four turbos. The result: 1000+ HP, 1000 NM of torque, a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds and a quarter mile trap speed at the low end of nine seconds. Complete with carbon-ceramic brakes (381mm front, 355mm rear), 13x18-inch wheels and weighing a paltry 2,200 pounds, the GTR "Unlimited" can reach a maximum speed of 220 MPH and seems to be the highlight of several shows and tuner magazines abroad.

Unfortunately, we were on our way out the door when we snapped these few pics, so no one was on hand to answer questions or pop the hood. UPDATE: But, Mr. Faichaud did contact us with some additional information about the car, which we've added to the post. We would've given our last franc just to sit in the driver's seat, but alas, time wasn't on our side. Frankfurt's coming up at the end of the year, so maybe we'll have a second chance to see the "Unlimited" up close again.
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