Geneva Motor Show: The sincerest form of flattery - Mini-me R8 TT

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We'll be spending a bit of time at the Geneva Motor Show's aftermarket and tuning wing soon, but we couldn't wait to share this particular creation with you. We know there have been a few comments about the shared styling between the Audi TT and its mid-engined, twice-removed cousin, the R8. Taking advantage of the Bauhaus bloodline, Ravasicorse decided to integrate some of the more attractive bits from the R8 and graft them onto its smaller sibling. The results are available in our gallery and, surprisingly, the changes work brilliantly. The modified front a rear clips gain the R8's vents and strakes, and the addition of small spoiler and revised exhaust outlets complete the transformation. We'd even say that the fairing on the sides work better here, than on the vehicle they were originally intended for.

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