Honda CR-V Aero Performance Pack: Factory-direct visual punch

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Honda's new CR-V has been growing on us ever since it came out. It's by no means a pretty vehicle, but you have to give it credit for wearing its quirkiness with pride. Considering how similar some of the other small CUVs on the market look (think RAV4, Santa Fe), the choice to go with unique styling may pay dividends long-term, as you'll always be able to pick the Honda out from the crowd. (Well, that and the fact the "H" badge on the grille speaks more powerfully to some buyers than the car's styling itself.)

Things got better (a lot better) when Mugen released its full suite of aftermarket bits for the CR-V, and now Honda's getting into the game with its own factory sport kit. It consists of new grille inserts, aero bumper covers, running boards, a roof spoiler, sport suspension and a set of 19" five-spoke alloys. The result? Well, it's pretty cool, and between this and the Mugen kit, it's clear that the new CR-V can have a lot more curb appeal if you're willing to spend some additional cash.

[Source: Honda via Carscoop]

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