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The Mugen CR-V roadstar adds edge to Honda's SUV

Some of us have bemoaned the new styling of the Honda CR-V, which is why it's no surprise that the aftermarket has already stepped up to address our concerns. When you think of Honda tuning, you should think of Mugen (if you play Gran Turismo at all), and it's no surprise this Japanese tuning house is the first one to try and beat the ugly out of the new CR-V. Mugen today announced a whole catalogue of aftermarket appearance parts for the new CR-V that includes a front spoiler with integrated day/night lamps, a sports grille, a lower rear spoiler that integrates dual, center-mounted exhaust tips (!), a wing spoiler (pass, too much) and Mugen 19-inch TT wheels. The total effect is shocking and surely even more polarizing than an unadorned CR-V, but the consensus around the Autoblog office is positive. Now if Mugen could just fix that D-pillar we'd be happy.

More pictures can be found after the jump.

[Source: Mugen via CarScoop]

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