New Mexico House passes B5 by 2012 bill with 47-8 vote

New Mexico has voted a through a House Bill that would require all diesel fuel sold in the state to be B5 by 2012. The bill, which passed the House in a 47-8 vote, moves to make diesel fuel containing five percent biodiesel compulsory for all state agencies and public schools from July 2010 onwards. All diesel fuel would move to a B5 blend by July 2012. In case of poor product availability or excessive price however, the measure could be suspended by officials.

Analysis: Politically, moving to introduce locally produced, renewable biofuels and reduce "dependency on foreign oil" has become a good move. Of course, we all win when the politicians move to legislate for biofuel use and I don't doubt that five percent across the annual usage of a state like New Mexico would really add up. Let's hope it passes through the senate as easily.

[Source: Las Cruces Sun-News]

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