Geneva preview: Koenigsegg creates an ethanol-powered supercar

Today we will be showing you a few super high performance cars that will be shown at the upcoming Auto Show in Geneva. Each of these vehicles was previewed on Autoblog yesterday, and you can find the link to their coverage here. So, why would we be covering the Koenigsegg CCXR here on AutoblogGreen? Well, I'm glad you asked! This vehicle is just like their standard CCX, except that it has had its standard 800 HP V8 engine converted to run on E85. In the conversion process, the machine picked up a substantial amount of power. How much? How about 1018 hp at 7200 rpm and the torque to 1060 nm at 6100 rpm? Enough for you? Alright, now the next question... if you want to own this new more powerful CCXR but already have a lowly standard CCX? Just get yours upgraded, which the factory will gladly do for you.

Alternatively, if you wanted a 1000 HP car that runs on ethanol, you could buy a Viper and take it to these guys, just like Karl Jacob did.

[Source: Autoblog]

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