Scooterists continue saving gas in the bitter cold - not really our advice, though!

I swear, I am not recommending this to other people! Whether I am just being rational, or being a wimp, but I think that when it is as cold as it was when these scooterists were riding, and you want to save on gas, why not try mass-transit? How about if it's for a competition? Well then, that's different now isn't it! The rules of the contest in question, the 2007 Cold Weather Challenge, state that the person who rides at least ten miles in the coldest temperature wins. If there is a tie, as there was this year, the rider who went the longest distance with the same temperature wins. The contest if officially over now, so there's no need to go out and ride anymore unless you just think it's fun. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

The winner? Jeremy "433" Stomberg. He rode 11.4 miles in -17 degree weather - not the windchill, the temperature! He never intends to try it again.

[Source: The 2007 Cold Weather Challenge via 2 Stroke Buzz]

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