Forbes lists most recalled 2006 models

Forbes' Dan Lienert studied the NHTSA's recall numbers for 2006 models and compiled a list of the most recalled vehicles sold in the U.S. The worst? The 2006 Dodge Ram with a total of seven recalls. It was recalled for a bad brake control unit, a defective front suspension, potentially faulty airbags and transfer cases, possibly bad seatbelts, defective rearview mirrors and missing exterior lighting. We're not sure that includes the Ram recall we told you about last month. Second place also went to Dodge, with the Durango scoring six recalls.

Accompanying the Dodges is another DaimlerChrysler product, a Chevrolet truck, a Hyundai, two Range Rovers and, uh oh, a Honda. That's right. The much-beloved Honda Civic coupe and sedan had four collective recalls of the 2006 model. The Civic had bad airbags, loose gas pedals, back glass that was installed improperly and incorrect NHTSA information in the owner's manual.

In case you're curious (and what Autoblog reader isn't?), the 2006 Camry was recalled only once. It's offense? A misprinted spare tire guide which could, potentially, lead to an accident if improper equipment was installed.

[Source: Forbes]

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