CAR magazine over in the UK has a quick look at the new Jeep Compass CRD, a combination that's not available over here. The right hand drive oil-burning Jeep encounters many of the same complaints it faces in the US market, most notably the cheap feeling hard plastic interior, which is even more of a problem because there are a lot of neat details in the interior. The Volkswagen sourced 2.0L diesel also comes in for some criticism for being noisy, although it does have plenty of torque. Hopefully, if the domestic version of the Compass gets a diesel it will the new Mercedes 2.2L which should be showing up in other Chrysler products in the next couple of years. The handling on the other hand was good, thanks to it's Dodge Caliber platform, but the ride was stiff. Overall it's not bad as crossovers go, but not great.

[Source: CAR]

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