KIA chooses Autogreen for End-of-Life Vehicle dismantling in UK

In the United Kingdom, the End of Life Vehicle directive requires automakers (and others) to think about how their vehicles will be disposed of after years of use. To fulfill its part of the deal, Kia has announced it will work with Autogreen (catchy name, no?) to dismantle Kia automobiles at the end of their "lives."
Autogreen came into being "specifically to manage the entire legislation as required by the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive. This includes the issue of Certificates of Destruction (COD's), vehicle pre-treatment and depollution, maximizing the financial return on reusable parts and non-metallic waste, and the ultimate disposal of scrap metals through our national network of dedicated authorised treatment facilities (ATF's)."

The EU-wide ELV legislation requires re-use and recovery of at least 85 percent by average weight per end-of-life vehicle." In addition, according to the UK's Environment Agency:
  • producers limit the use of certain hazardous substances in the manufacture of new vehicles and automotive components and promote the recyclability of their vehicles
  • ELVs are subject to de-pollution prior to dismantling, recycling or disposal
  • treatment facilities operate to higher environmental standards and have permits if they want to deal with undepolluted ELVs
  • certain recovery and recycling targets are met by 1 January 2006 and 1 January 2015
  • producers pay 'all or a significant part' of the costs of treating negative or nil value ELVs at treatment facilities by 2007
Indeed, Kia and autogreen will "allow customers access to a free and environmentally friendly method to dispose of their vehicle." I like it.

[Source: Kia, Autogreen, Environment Agency]

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