Geneva Preview: ?koda Auto's brand new, 120 CO2 g/km Fabia Hatchback

Back in early February, the chief executive of the UK's SMMT, Christopher Macgowan, responded to the European Commission's proposal to reduce CO2 emissions across the union (in part by making the average CO2 vehicle emission be 120 grams per kilometer driving) by saying, "We have also already produced and brought to market cars that can meet the 120g/km limit – the problem is that motorists do not buy them!"

Well, now there's another option for people not to buy. Škoda's brand new Fabia Hatchback, premiering at the Geneva Motor Show, emits 120 g/km (at its most green. The numbers go up with the horsepower and other options). The Škoda-ish looking Fabia comes with one of seven engines, four petrol and three diesels, that range from 44 to 77 kW (60 - 105 hp).

Škoda Auto will also show the S2000 concept (for motoring sport) and the Roomster Scout (which offers, "something special to those who wish to show a unique lifestyle," whatever that means).

2006 was Škoda Auto's best year ever for sales, with 549,667 vehicles sold up 11.7 percent over 2005. That's what they say in the press release, available after the jump.

[Source: Škoda Auto]

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