Microsoft angers NYC residents with a beat-blasting Zune FJ Cruiser

Microsoft, looking to get the message out about it's Zune doohickey, has turned a Toyota FJ Cruiser into an urban assault vehicle. The test run occured in a New York City neighborhood in the wee hours of a Sunday morning with the FJ Cruiser blaring out music at such a volume that it could be heard inside nearby apartments with the windows closed. Being young and living in the city doesn't mean you like obnoxious crap any more than anyone else. Rather than entice the general public to buy a Zune, these idiots just pissed them off. They likely all went out the next day and bought the most pimped iPods they could afford, with the full boat car install kit, iFM radio, a spiffy little case, Shure E3 earbuds, the works. I know I would. That way, I'd be safe and snug in my bed, white noise ringing in my ears (that iPod headphone amp can give you blistering tinnitus) when the FJ Cruiser puttered back around. In the meantime, there's an open letter to Microsoft at - along with documentation of "the act."

[Source: engadget]

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