Geneva preview: Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed

We have shown you Saab's various BioPower vehicles before, and the Rinspeed eXasis, but here is a new take on an already existing vehicle. Borrowing cues from the eXasis concept, the Saab Biopower Rinspeed uses a similar bright yellow color and textures which mimic the eXasis. No real mechanical changes are made to the vehicle, but a tie-in already exists between the two vehicles, as both engines operate on E85.

The collaboration also marks Rinspeed's 30th anniversary, and the 60th anniversary of Saab's "turbocharged ideas", which will also be commemorated with anniversary edition Saabs for public consumption.

Various details of Rinspeed's take on the Saab, in addition to the color, are fiberglass inset headlights, dash and interior panels, and patterned seats. For more pictures, click here. Thanks for the tip, Swade!

F or a complete transcript of the news release, continue reading after the break.

[Source: Trollhattan Saab]
Transcript of the news release:

A principal topic at the Geneva Motor Show this year will be the auto industry leading by example in respecting the environment. Saab, in collaboration with Rinspeed, will be showing with the " 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed" how vision and reality can harmonize.

The model is equipped with a bioethanol engine and proves that it is possible in today's world to considerably reduce fossil CO2 emissions without giving up the pleasure of driving.

Recent reports with regard to climate change are clear: mankind, by it's collective behavoiur, is a primary contributor to global warming. The reduction of CO2 emissions has become a central topic around the world - as it is at the Geneva Motor Show.

The notion of care and respect for the environment is not one that is just for the future, nor has it been for a long time now. At previous motor shows, Saab has proven it's leadership in this field and shown with its BioPower concepts that ecological technology and driving pleasure could coincide perfectly.

This year, Saab will cross a new threshold at the Geneva Motor Show. The visitors can come to stand 5030 and admire a perfectly successful union of vision and reality - the "Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed".

The altered Saab BioPower immediately attracts the glare of visitors thanks to the glare of its yellow gloss paint. This special lowered Saab model incorporates materials used by Rinspeed for its futuristic prototype "eXasis". (eXasis is the first transparent plastic car of high technology that is equipped, just like Saab BioPower, with an E85 engine).

The Saab BioPower Rinspeed shows new applications in the shape of rhombuses out of fibreglass metallized to aluminium. One finds the reason for the rhombuses in the coating of the seats. The interior also shows the innovative aspect of the car with seats padded with a compound called Technogel.

Yellow safety belts and a new fibreglass dashboard complete the metamorphosis of the Saab BioPower to perfection.

The Saab BioPower by Rinspeed and the eXasis are both studies to celebrate the 30th birthday of the company. With the eXasis, Rinspeed presents a car able to develop 150hp with using an ethanol engine. The parallel Saab BioPower, sporting 180hp led the two company's traditionalists to cooperate.

Saab also celebrates a birthday in 2007 - 60 years of turbocharged ideas. To this occasion, Saab will launch the special "Anniversary Edition" models. However, it is the move towards ecological vehicles that will be maintained henceforth.

Saab will present the 9-3 BioPower in a world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be available in Switzerland starting from autumn 2007 and will compliment the Saab 9-5 BioPower. Saab wants to continue its idea to reduce the CO2 emissions on its cars right through the range.

With the "Saab 9-5 BioPower100 Concept", Saab presents at the Motor-show a vehicle that can function with 100% bioethanol. Saab continues its philosophy thus to put mankind and the environment at the center of its activities.

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