Geneva Preview: Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed

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Well, this one's a surprise. We thought that the radical eXasis concept would be all Rinspeed had on hand at the Geneva Motor Show, but instead, the Swiss tuner has teamed with Saab to create a matching 9-5 BioPower station wagon, as well. Lowered and painted a striking yellow, the car features fiberglass elements similar to those seen on the eXasis. Rhombus patterns adorn yello fiberglass inserts in place on the grille, headlight surrounds, rear licence plate area, and dashboard. The shape pops up again on the car's seats,which are padded with a "technogel." Upsized black five-spoke wheels with metallic outlines fill out the wheel wells quite nicely.

At the time of this writing, no English-language press release was yet available. Trollhattan Saab has posted a basic translation of the German one at Saab's Swedish media site. If a picture says a thousand words, however, we have a gallery equivalent to 38,000 of them linked below. We'll update this post with the English press materials as soon as they're made available, and of course, our Geneva team will being you live coverage from the show itself when it opens next week

[Source: Saab via Trollhattan Saab]

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