Tesla Roadster at the Ocsars

Oscars, celebrities, glamor, Al Gore wins for An Inconvenient Truth and this is the photo Yahoo! news chooses to use to show how the Tesla Roadster met Hollywood at the 79th Academy Awards? C'mon, where's the sexy, the cool? This is a shot of the Roadster in a parking lot. I'm going to have to say we've seen better (to see AutoblogGreen's own shots from the unveiling last summer, click here).

Actually, that's a shot from before the ceremony. Hollywood.com says that 30 Roadster prototypes were involved in shuttling celebs around (all those ceremonies and parties to get to), so you'd think pictures would be floating around all over the place. Not yet, anyway. (UPDATE: Actually, this number is hogwash, as Tesla's Siry tells us below)

Yahoo! does tell us something I hadn't heard before, which is that 330 celebrities, including George Clooney, have signed up to buy the electric, according to Tesla Motors vice president Darryl Siry. (UPDATE: This is wrong, too. Man, what a night it must have been at the Awards)

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[Source: Yahoo! News, Hollywood.com]

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