Autostudi displays prototype series hybrid fuel cell scooter

An International Engineering and Technology Fair took place in New Delhi, India last week, and Italian design firm called Autostudi showed a prototype for a hybrid fuel cell scooter, called the Hysyrider. The scooter uses a 300W fuel cell and a 7.2Ah battery in what appears to be a series hybrid layout. The fuel cell is apparently used to charge the battery when the level gets too low. A low pressure hydride storage system is used to carry a 0.5L of hydrogen.
The scooter can run for up to two hours at 12mph, meaning that it's not really suitable for street use, except for maybe bike lanes. The vehicle design was commissioned by the Turin Chamber of Commerce and was intended to bring together the work of Turin research center HysyLab and various local companies. Hysyrider is designed as zero-emission vehicle for places like conventions, airports and other closed locations.

[Source: The Telegraph of Calcutta via GreenCarCongress]

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