Mugen goes Crossroading

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Mugen wastes no time when it comes to offering accessories for new Honda models, and the debut of the Crossroad means that a full suite of tasty upgrades is available already. Those of you who find the Crossroad's Ford-esque grille off-putting take note: Mugen addresses the matter with a solid single-bar unit of its own. We like it.

Naturally, there's an aero kit to give the blocky CUV a lowered, more tunerrific look. No suite of upgrades would be complete without the obligatory aftermarket wheels, which in this case are available in a trio of finishes. A pair of sport mufflers are available, as well. One uses traditional round outlets, while another uses custom-shaped tips that blend perfectly with the new Mugen rear skirt.

A bevy of trim pieces can be had as well, ranging from Mugen-branded license plate bolts to metallic covers for the rearview mirror. There's plenty more, so browse through their site to see everything there is to be had. Of course, it's all for fun, since we can't buy a Crossroad here anyway, but there's never anything wrong with a little window-shopping, right?

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