Suzuki Ionis fuel-cell concept to display at the Melbourne Motor Show

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Suzuki Ionis fuel-cell concept.

Back in October 2005 when Suzuki first unveiled the Ionis fuel-cell concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, Autoblog covered the news thus, "Let me say this again...Suzuki will NOT be ignored."

Well apparently something is being ignored because the press release I received today says, "Although not intended for production, Ionis gives a glimpse of where Suzuki might soon be heading with eco-friendly production vehicles."

And I have a feeling it's either Suzuki's fuel-cell development, or the Melbourne Motor Show. Surely Suzuki have something new for the show?

The Ionis concept is features a drive-by-wire control system and zero-emissions hydrogen fuel-cells mounted under the floor. Also of interest is the in-car entertainment system that allows passengers to download music via wireless Internet access and to watch satellite TV.

Analysis: You'd have to hope that a company could make some headway with fuel-cells in fourteen months, and while the Melbourne Motor Show is far from the world's largest, it's still a little disappointing that the Ionis concept is all Suzuki can muster for the occasion. Still, it's an interesting beast and perhaps Suzuki will surprise me yet with their progress on fuel-cells.

[Source: Suzuki]

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