Need a chauffer? How about one driving the Nissan X-TRAIL Fuel Cell Vehicle?

To go along with the test drives that Nissan already allows in Japan, they will be allowing the use of their X-Trail hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as chauffeur-driven hired-car vehicles. According to this article, the vehicle's fuel cell, batteries and motor provide similar performance to their gasoline counterparts, minus the emissions. As all of you probably know, the fuel cell creates electricity which charges the battery, making this an electric vehicle.

The nice thing about this is that it allows consumers a chance to get a feel for the technology and performance of it themselves. There is a big difference between reading about something and actually getting to see, feel and experience it yourself. Of course, when consumers find out how much it costs, that might just scare them right back home! This could bring a new meaning to the phrase, "you break it - you bought it"!


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