RR of the Day: 1992 VW Passat Syncro

Flickr user mtl_raoul's G60-powered '92 Passat GL Syncro is one of those things that grabbed our attention when we saw it floating around in the pool. For one, the grille-free B3 Passats are still cool-looking today. Add the fact that the all-wheel drive Syncro variant was not offered in the United States and things get even more interesting. A few did find their way to Canada, however, and that's where today's ride resides.

Once a daily driver, the Syncro has been relegated to "winter beater" duty -- a task it's up to considering the full winter package the loaded sedan is equipped with. That means that the requisite heated seats are joined by niceties like heated headlamp washers and a double-capacity washer fluid reservoir. The car's 1.8L supercharged four is not what it once was, sadly. The G-Lader crapped out on Raoul about a year ago and he removed the blower instead of taking the financial hit associated with the unit's repair or replacement. Other than that modification, the car's original.

Sizeable 'Syncro" decals on the rear quarter panels announce that the car is equipped with awd, and the metallic-finish wheels look pretty spiffy. The red G60 badge on the trunklid remains as a reminder of what once lurked underhood. Raoul says that while the removal of the supercharger really impacted performance (the Passat's a bit hefty for the now-unassisted 1.8), he still gets around 23 mpg and notes that it's still a blast to toss around snow-covered parking lots in the wintertime. The odo shows over 297,000 km (185,000 miles) -- a distance covered under four different owners, the most recent of whom now has himself today's Autoblog Reader Ride of the Day. Congrats, and thanks for sharing it with us!

Check out Raoul's summer machine, too, if you have a chance. When the white stuff melts, he climbs behind the wheel of a Subaru-powered VW Vanagon Westfalia.

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