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Forbes says all that's green is not gold - watch out for alt energy scams

Forbes cares mostly about money, so if they're going to take a look at green energy companies, their focus will understandibly be on investment possibilities, business plans and the like. Forbes writer Dan Fisher took the lens to Earth Biofuels a few weeks ago, and he's back with the current story "KissyKat and the Magic Diesel" on even more possibly shady alt energy companies. Watch your wallet, investors, there can be crooks in all sectors.
So, who's on the roster that AutoblogGreen readers might care about? How about Biodiesel maker (well, actually the makers of a "biodiesel-like" fuel) U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp., which allegedly got $3.3 million from EarthFirst (allegedly because there are claims of two U.S. Sustainable Energy Corps out there and legal proceedings going on)? Mr. BioWillie's Earth Biofuels is mentioned again, and Power Technology is supposedly about to make a "revolutionary lightweight lead-acid battery." But the company is so far without "any potential customers." Biofuel from algae firms in the GreenShift Corp. are looked at skeptically, partly because GreenShift used to be known as KissyKat, a failed online pet-lovers' dating site, and hasn't had much luck in other ventures since.

Or take this line from the story, which any hydrogen-hater will quickly latch onto: "Hydrogen Power of Englewood, Colo. says it has a revolutionary method for making hydrogen fuel out of aluminum. One problem: The fuel source weighs more than the high-pressure hydrogen tank it is supposed to replace. That problem is being worked on."

Worked on, indeed. I recommend reading the whole thing. Fisher doesn't talk about email scams, but even in the alt-fuel business, "a Nigerian in Germany" is involved in one of the shady dealings.

One item that doesn't come up in the article but has raised an eyebrow or two in the AutoblogGreen community is the EESTOR ultracapacitor. Could this mean that Fisher looked into this and came away satisfied it's the real deal? Or has he got another article coming soon?

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