n2a takes GM retro to the extreme with 789, Wildcat and 5-to-1

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We've seen the works of n2a (no two alike) around, most recently at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This bespoke coach builder will take a Chevy Corvette or Kappa car and completely reskin it to create a head-turning fusion of retro design cues and modern day engineering. The 789 is perhaps n2a's most well known product. It's named after the three Chevy model years from which it draws inspiration: 1957, 1958 and 1959. A turnkey version of the 789 costs about $135,000, which is decidedly very unretro.

Check out n2a's other two models after the jump and feel free to study the design cues of each car in our high-resolution gallery.

[Source: n2a via GMInsideNews]
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The Wildcat is another model from n2a, though a running model doesn't appear to exist yet. It's dedicated to the past stylings of the Buick brand and requires the sacrifice of a Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky to build one. The portholes are present, of course, and the front end reminds us of the original Buick Y-Job concept car that started it all. Like all of n2a's cars, if you're not satisfied with the Ecotec under the hood, they're more than willing to drop in a V8 for the right price. Hopefully we'll get to see the Wildcat in person at this year's SEMA show.

Finally, there's the 5-to-1, which appears to be all Bel-Air up front and Impala in the rear. We have little info on this model, and the only pictures available are either of a scale model or sketches. It appears, however, to be built on a smaller platform than the 789, so we're guessing that it's Kappa-based like the Wildcat.

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