Will the Tesla WhiteStar be a battery powered Ford Fusion?

Our friends over at that august automotive journal known as Jalopnik have come up with an interesting bit of speculation about the Tesla WhiteStar. According to their tortured logic, the new electric sedan - to be built in New Mexico - may be based on the Ford Fusion platform. Evidently , the Albuquerque Tesla plant is in reasonable proximity to the Hermosillo, Mexico plant that turns out the CD2 triplets.

This seems like a highly unlikely proposition, since the platform seems ill-suited to carrying the quantity of batteries that would be required to provide what Tesla has promised. On the other hand, the amount of investment in the plant and the in car also doesn't seem correspond to the cost of developing and building a new ground-up vehicle in the volumes they have talked about. It seems probable that WhiteStar will be based on an existing vehicle, but the choice of New Mexico is more likely due to the financial incentives that NM Governor and presidential candidate Bil Richardson was willing to cough up than anything else. My buddy Ray has more at the Read link.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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