Spy Shots: New SRX spied, V-series or refresh?

The current SRX looks good, its interior was updated for '07, it seats seven, it's a Crossover with somewhat decent MPG, and for some reason it just hasn't caught on yet. There were only 22,000 SRXs sold in 2006, which equals about one-fifth of Lexus RX350 sales. Disappointing sales and pushed back updates fed speculation that the vehicle could even be phased out.

However, looking at this mule leaves evidence that there may be more SRX in our future. The large mesh air-intakes up front replace the lower light assembly found on the '07 model and the addition of V-Series brakes and wheels look darn cool on pretty much anything. There are some sweetly-revised tail lights and the headlights look tweaked as well, while somebody over at Cadillac has a sense of humor, as the SRX is sporting a set of Buick Lucerne portholes at the A-pillar. The holes could be helping to increase air-flow for a bigger, badder engine. We can only hope, but we doubt they're meant for production. An earlier Autoblog review of the SRX was very favorable, and we're hoping to see more SRX Caddy's in the near future.

[Source: Leftlanenews]

NOTE: The rest of the Autoblog team has weighed in, and we're 90% certain this is a mule for the high-performance SRX-V.

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