First eBox from AC Propulsion delivered to Tom Hanks

We gave you a first look at the AC Propulsion eBox from the Alt-Car Expo in Santa Monica last December, now we just got news that the first one has been picked up by Tom Hanks. As a refresher, the eBox is a conversion by AC Propulsion costing $55,000 not including tax or the Scion XB that is required. The vehicle uses an AC motor driving the front wheels, and uses 625 pounds of lithium-ion batteries that enable the vehicle to run for 140-180 miles between charges. The top speed of the vehicle is 95 mph, and charging the 355 volt pack takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on the mode you choose and the available voltage to charge from. The vehicle also supports vehicle-to-grid power sharing.

Tom Hanks was quoted as saying, "There are three electric cars sitting on the moon, and now another one in my garage. The eBox makes even more sense in Los Angeles than in the Taurus-Littrow Valley of the moon. I can drive all weekend, hauling dogs and helping my friends move, and the only reason I'll need to stop at a gas station is for beef jerky and lottery tickets." Mr. Hanks sounds very pleased with his new vehicle. Thanks for the tip, Henry!

[Source: AC Propulsion]

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