The GomiCycle, an electric motorcycle converted using mostly scrap parts

We have shown you some electric scooters in the past, like the Vectrix, but what if you are more of an enterprising do-it-yourselfer? How about making your own electric motorcycle? That is what Marque Cornblatt did, and he tells you all about it at his website. I'll cover the basics here, though. Start with a 250cc Honda Rebel motorcycle. If you can find one in non-running condition, even better. Strip the bike of its mechanicals down to its rolling chassis, and mount a pancake-style electric motor in place of the original engine, strap on 48 volts of lead-acid batteries and you're golden!

Of course, with only 48 volts of power, the cycle rider should not expect highway speeds. However, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you could substitute the lead-acid batteries for nickel or lithium batteries for much better performance. The motor that the builder used is capable of 72 volts and rather high amperage, meaning that there is a good deal of unlocked potential in this particular machine.

[Source: Marque Cornblatt]

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