GM to give Chrysler some GMT900 love?

Last evening, a source privy to the talks between Chrysler and GM, revealed to the New York Times that the General may be sharing its GMT900 SUV platform with the American half of the German-American hybrid.

Since Chrysler doesn't have a large SUV in its line-up (the Durango doesn't make the cut), the rumored platform sharing could make a bit of sense – for Chrysler. As for General Motors, the automaker's turnaround plan is in full effect and the only upside we can see is that a little extra cash in the coffers certainly wouldn't do any harm, as long as it doesn't cut into their highly-profitable SUVs.

Talks between the two automakers have supposedly gone on for about six months, which leads us to believe that some partnership between the two automakers is forthcoming. Naturally, when the NYT contacted a spokesperson for Chrysler about the leak, the response was "no comment."

Ready, set, speculate...

[Source: New York Times via Jalopnik]

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