Ford offers $500 incentive on Edge

Good news for CUV buyers: The Ford Edge now has up to $500 in rebates on the hood. The bad news is that you can only get the discount on the base SE model. Right now the SEL and SEL Plus models are selling at a ridiculously high 80% of total mix, which is better than Ford anticipated. Talk about your good problems. The "up to" was placed prior to "$500" because it's an incentive at dealer discretion. So if your dealer is selling Edge models to his satisfaction (some dealers may even have a shortage at this point), then good luck getting that cash. Another statistic that Ford seems to have misjudged is the demand for the larger 18' wheels. Production was targeted at 40% of mix but it's currently running closer to 60%.

Right now, the Edge is ramping up sales volume a bit slowly at about 5,500 units in January, but that's to be expected for a brand-new nameplate. The true test of sales performance comes in the spring when the plant is at full speed and the dealer pipelines are full.

[Source: Automotive News]

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