Chrysler gives some hints on future powertrains

During the bloodletting press conference this morning in Auburn Hills, Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda gave some hints about future product plans for Chrysler. In addition to the usual reduction in the number of platforms and engine families, LaSorda announced that Chrysler would be spending $3 billion in power-train development to improve fuel efficiency. He indicated that there would be a new Mercedes-Benz four cylinder diesel coming to Chrysler products in addition to the 3.0L V-6 already announced. On the hybrid front, they will work on a lower-cost mild-hybrid system in addition to the two-mode hybrid system being developed with GM and BMW. The first of the two-mode hybrids will be in the 2008 Durango. Finally, he revealed that Chrysler is working with Getrag on a dual-clutch gearbox similar to the VW DSG unit. Hopefully, the dual-clutch and diesels will be coming soon along with a diesel hybrid.

[Source: Chrysler]

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