20 Questions: Suicidal robot from GM interviewed

Among those sounding the gong against GM cowing to an anti-suicide group's offense at its Superbowl spot is the star of the commercial himself. The robot, who shall henceforth be referred to as Ricky, reveals a few things about the production, and how the spot plays to the robot population. It was interesting to learn that the bridge jumper was a stunt double who'd had his entrails removed prior to the leap. Certainly makes the spot seem more like a snuff film now, doesn't it? We hope the Anti Snuff Film Congress or some other group of Dudley Do-Rights will keep their traps shut and just deal with being offended for five minutes.
Basically, Ricky takes his own offense to the AFSP's offense at the spot, and expresses what we all would like to say. Lighten up for five damn minutes and let us enjoy our football game. He also points out that there's been no crying over the other spots, which could be seen as offensive to some other cabal of crusaders bent on being whiny for their cause. At least Ricky has his SAG card, so he can supplement his income during plant shutdowns. We'll keep an eye on movies that feature robots, hoping to catch a glimpse of the little yellow devil. In the meantime, we couldn't agree more when Ricky says - "this touchy-feely s*** is totally outta control in this country."

Thanks for the tip, Ed!

[Source: autoextremist]

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