Could the windows of your car charge the battery?

This article does not specifically mention what types of glass this will work with, or whether there is any restrictions at all, but it is an interesting thought that the windows of your car could provide electricity to power the battery or batteries of your vehicle. This would help at least one problem with solar panels: their looks. Many people would not want to drive a car that is plated with conventional solar panels. I for one don't like the look of solar panels on the sides of houses, I greatly prefer them on the roof -- solely for aesthetic reasons. According to the article, nanosilicon particles are sprayed onto glass, creating a film which generates electricity from solar radiation. If this film could be sandwiched between two layers a safety glass you'd be golden, as the article states that little transparency is lost. I think the huge glass sunroofs that are popular on cars these days would make perfect solar battery chargers.

[Source: Octillion via Renewable Energy Access]

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