Beater of the Week: Poll

Beater Week has drawn to a close and now the onus is on you to pick the most worthy whip of the bunch. Each one is vying for your morbid, schadenfreude-inspired affection, but there can be only one.

Your choices of automotive detritus include the '89 Buick Skyhawk, rusted and busted but still making the rounds; the '86 X1/9 that even a good tree couldn't keep down; an '88 Jeep Comanche whose mismatched body panels and hastily applied spray paint make it a rolling work of abstract art; the blacked-out and be-winged '87 'Lude; or the aptly named and expertly driven Big Momma, who's cop cred only a fool would question.

Vote below and be sure to submit your own ride by following the directions after the jump.

Beater of the Week
'89 Buick Skyhawk
'86 X1/9
'88 Jeep Comanche
'87 Honda Prelude
'89 Chevy Caprice - Big Momma

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