Beater of the Day: 1987 Honda Prelude Si

Reader/Flickr member blodi admits up front that he no longer owns the car above. We're gonna let that slide, because seriously, it doesn't get much better than this. He bought the Prelude from a buddy for $50.00. That's right -- fifty bucks. The flat black paint was already in place when he took possession, but despite the looks, everything else ran fine.

Then he went to work.

Blodi, a design student at the time, bought 75 pounds of sheetmetal and fashioned the ultra-fast-looking rear wing. Then he had his friends give him any decals they had lying around and applied them. The enormous GM Performance Parts stickers are pure hilarity. Next up was a trip to the local Home Depot, where a Rubbermaid tub was acquired and sacrificed to make the monster hood scoop. A pair of paint roller trays got the matte black treatment and became side scoops. The grille was painted Public Works orange, and a set of underhood strobes was installed to wow onlookers at import events. Bonus points for the smashed front bumper and perma-wink up front, and "Balls-Out!" spelled out on the rear bumper. The Prelude was dubbed "The Executioner." Today, we dub it the Beater Ride of the Day. Balls-out, indeed.

Read Blodi's description of the car after the jump.

UPDATE: Blodi's decidedly-not-a-beater '91 Acura NSX was both an RR of the Day and an RR of the Week back in September 2006. Never, ever do this to the NSX, okay, blodi? (But if do you go nuts and turn it into "The Executioner II," make sure you send photos.)

In the (former) owner's words:
I thought this would be perfect for your "Beater Week!"
This is a 1987 Honda Prelude Si. I no longer own this vehicle. But I orginally purchased it in 2001 from a friend who used it as a winter beater and needed to get rid of it. After some heavy negotiating I got him down to the fair price of $50....yes $50 and she was all mine.

When I got the car it already had been spray painted flat black, it needed some air in one of the tires and needed a little coaxing to start the first time as it had been sitting for abotu 6 months. But the interior was extremely clean and everything worked (AC, stereo, power windows, sunroof). It ran very good as well, quick little car that would chirp the tires into 3rd gear even.

After getting board with it as it was and being in design school at the time and having access to the metal friends and I decided to have some fun with it and built the wing you see on the back out of sheet metal, which weighed approx 75lbs and needed a lot of reenforcment to stay up. I had friends bring me what ever decals they had and applied them . A trip to home depot and I got a rubber maid tub and some paint roller pans which I mounted to the car as " air intakes".

A little bright orange spray paint and you have what we all adoringly refer to as "The Executioner".
I drove it up woodward ave here in detroit to several tuner car meets and it was always met with a round of applause and would steal the show...even if a 700hp supra was sitting right next to it. I also added some underhood stobe lights from pepboys for just such occasions to really wow the crowds.

The car also took the "Reader Ride of the Week" twice on the now gone website
Sadly one day I looked out of my dorm room to the back parking lot where would always park the exectioner at college; it had been sitting for several months by this time; and it had been towed.

Never have I had so much fun with $50, some sheet metal and a few cans of spray paint.

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