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Beater of the Day: 1989 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police Package

How could we possibly deny featuring a retired police Caprice that goes by the name of Big Momma? We can't. We tried, but it was useless.

Owned by Autoblog reader 787B (an admitted Wankel-lover), Big Momma's main use is to schlep a race-ready RX7 to and fro, along with all the prerequisite track day goodies – 5,000 pounds worth.

Big Momma is optioned out with all the law enforcement-required kit and since we couldn't put it better ourselves, we'll quote her owner's Flickr description: "...she has a thicker cop frame, fuel-injected 350 cop V8, massive cop brakes, thick cop anti-sway bars, cop oil cooler, cop trans cooler, cop 'bucket' seats, cop 3.42 gears, cop 3-core radiator, cop 120A alternator, cop shocks, cop springs, and cop attitude. She's ugly, she knows it [and] she's angry about it!"

He's also added some performance springs, Bilstein shocks and Airlift airbags to keep the weight distribution a bit more manageable. Unfortunately, Big Momma's cholesterol count got the better of her and that "fuel-injected 350 cop V8" finally gave in after 176,000 miles of dutiful service. But don't cry for Big Momma, she's getting a heart transplant soon.

Be sure to check out the pics after the jump (along with directions on how to submit your own ride), including one of the best sagging headliner solutions yet and, at the risk of overloading Mr. 787B's server, check out Big Momma's website here.

Staples. Who woulda thunk it?

Yes, that an entire rotory engine AND transmission shoved into the trunk. Gotta love 'em B-bodies.

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