eBay Find of the Day: future Lexus from Minority Report

So far this year we've seen several famous movie cars up for sale. There was the Ghostbusters Ecto 1, and Kinight Rider's KITT also changed hands. Now for something completely different.

In 2002, Lexus was commissioned to build several futuristic cars for use in the Philip K. Dick-inspired Minority Report. If you watched that movie and said to yourself, "When oh when will I be able to drive a wild car like Tom Cruise?" then there's an eBay auction you need to check out. Up for sale is one of (supposedly) three 2054-model year Lexuses. Bidding on the private auction begins at $88,000 and is likely to get closer to the estimated $125,000 it cost Lexus to build it.

Unlike Ecto 1 or that smart-mouthed KITT, this movie car isn't built on an existing chassis. Instead, the auction description claims, it was built from scratch by Lexus. Oddly enough, it's powered by a Chevrolet V6, which leads us to believe the car may have initially been a non-running background car used in the film as a prop. It was probably later transformed into the semi-street legal (check local laws, the auction advises) exotic you see for sale. Shots of the super-spartan interior reinforce that suspicion. Luckily, the owner says a custom interior will be installed for the auction winner.

Despite its current source of propulsion, this would be one helluva car to go to your 2054 class reunion in. That would be my, um, 65th class reunion. Hmmm. Perhaps the Munsters' hearse would be more appropriate for most of us.

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