Chicago Auto Show: Dodge gives 2008 Dakota flex-fuel capability

In the truck market, horsepower numbers rule. The 2008 Dodge Dakota is getting a new 4.7-liter engine with more horsepower, yet the automaker promises it will deliver better fuel economy and offer E85 ethanol compatibility. The horsepower rating jumps 25 percent over the old model to 290 with 320 lb-ft of peak torque. Other changes to the 2008 Dakota include a mild facelift and freshened interior. The news we didn't hear, of course, is any movement in getting a diesel engine for Dodge's midsize truck. The midsize pickup segment has been deteriorating quickly, especially models from the Big 3, because of price incentives that put fullsize trucks near the same price range as a midsize truck. Even with gas-price hikes, midsize trucks aren't as attractive anymore to pickup shoppers anymore.

For more information and a photo gallery, follow this link to the Autoblog coverage.

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