KTM X-Bow scheduled for Geneva debut

This time last year, rumors of a joint collaboration between Audi and motorcycle manufacturer KTM to build a lightweight, street-legal, track toy began to surface. Finally, after a year of speculation, a series of miscalculated renderings and a few hard facts, it's official: KTM will be unveiling the X-Bow in Geneva next month.

Notice however, that we only said KTM. According to Brit-pub EVO, Audi contended that if the four-rings were affixed to the bonnet, the lil' track terror would have to be weighed down with pesky safety equipment, like airbags. KTM wasn't wiling to let their baby go down like that, so they took it upon themselves to continue the project sans-Audi.

EVO has seen the X-Bow and says that there are three prototypes that are currently being built. The first is for chassis tuning, the second is doomed to crash tests and the third will be slobbered on by those of us attending the Geneva show.

As for the techy-tidbits: the six-speed manual version will tip the scales at just over 1,500 pounds, with an Audi-sourced DSG adding an additional 44 pounds. Power will come from Audi's 2-liter, inline-four turbo which should be producing anywhere between 220 and 300 HP and the engine will be placed in such a way that the added weight of the driver will balance out the chassis.

You'll also notice that the X-Box lacks a windshield, due to the fact that European law requires that if there were a windshield, the manufacturer would have to add wipers and a defogging system. Instead, buyers will get a set of custom helmets to protect them from the elements, and when not in use they can be stored in a little cubby in the cabin.

Testing has already begun and EVO reports that sales will begin during the latter half of 2007, with a one-make race series coming in 2008. Salivating much? We are.

[Source: EVO via Jalopnik]

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