Have an Exhaust Particulate Filter on your diesel car? Might want to go for a drive

Do you love your new diesel, that sweet exhaust-free (well, kinda sorta) ride with high fuel economy? Well, if you fall into a certain category of driver and have an Exhaust Particulate Filter (EPF), your car might be a cause for concern instead of greener driving.
Lex, the UK vehicle leasing company that came out with a call for carbon neutral driving last year, recently issued a warning to drivers who spend a lot of time in urban areas and who never get their diesel engine up to 50 mph for a minimum of 20 minutes at least once every few weeks. Without driving at this speed for this amount of time, the EPF can clog because the soot particles the EPF has trapped can't burn off, and you'll have to take the car in to the shop to get the filter unblocked.

I don't know where the line would be drawn between having the EPF collect the soot and then going on an extra drive once a month to burn it off vs. not getting an EPF in the first place, but this might be one case where more driving is good for the environment. Who'd a thunk it?

[Source: Lex]

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