Now that neighborhood electric vehicles are starting to look like real cars, many drivers are expecting them to go just as fast. Take Jason McBride of the Seattle Weekly. He took a ride in a ZENN and quickly learned their limitations while traversing a hill.

"With all the suspense of a roller coaster climbing its track," wrote McBride, "the ZENN ascends the hill--topping out at 13 miles per hour."

McBride's story is basically a roundup of the EV market and an overview of improving technology. But getting back to the ZENN and other NEVs. He cautioned that the ZENN can't be charged if you're "at the mercy of street parking."

Limited to a top speed of 25mph is one of biggest hurdles the NEVs face in trying to expand their appeal. The ZENN distributor in Seattle hopes the state creates a new class of EVs that will be allowed to drive 35mph.

[Source: Jason McBride / Seattle Weekly]

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