ABC and Charles Gibson have been in Detroit all week and it's been hard to watch

UPDATE: Thanks to Autoblog reader Steve M., you can watch the ABC News Towh Hall Meeting, all 45 minutes of it, after the jump. Please watch, if only to see the contorted facial expressions of our esteemed colleague at Jalopnik, Ray Wert III, who nabbed a seat in the front row.
Anybody that's been watching World News Tonight with Charles Gibson this week knows that the Detroit 3 are under the spotlight. Some of the news has been good, with instances like the Pontiac G8 sneak peek. Much of the in-depth conversation, though, revolves around gut-wrenching realities of how bad things really are. When talk about the unions comes up, cost cuts and health care are at the forefront.

On camera with ABC and the world watching, some union officials still sound like they did 30 years ago. When Legislative Director Alan Reuther was asked about members paying more for health care, he responded with 'we already gave at the plant'. Americans don't like to be told that others are better than they are, but hearing this come out of a union official's mouth, many hear that union members are above the pain all other employees in America are feeling.

As a resident of the Detroit area, it's tough to hear all the negative press. The news is grim and doesn't seem to be getting any better, which makes the whole broadcast difficult to watch. ABC is doing a fine job of laying out the facts in an objective manner, and for any serious automotive enthusiast, it's almost required viewing. Daniel Howes of the Detroit News did a terrific job of laying out how all of this is playing out on TV. It's worth a look.

[Source: Detroit News]

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