RR of the Day: 1973 BMW Bavaria

Flicker user "lithuimbomb9999" bought this '73 BMW Bavaria back in 2001 and informs us that instead of one of the stock engines from its time (either a 2.8L or 3.0L inline 6 making 170 - 190 HP), the engine compartment of this old Bimmer hides a 3.5L six-cylinder from an '88 535i. That gives the car somewhere between 200 and 220 horsepower and, as lithiumbom puts it, "boatloads of torque." Other mechanical updates include a metric mechanic sport cam, dual weber 32/36 DGAV carbs and later-model springs and sway bars.

Appearance-wise, the car's subtle, elegant look is augmented by a set of vintage Alpina wheels (nice) and Recaros from a 320i. It was restored in 1982 and is finished in its original color. The owner says that it's due to be revisited, as there's some paint and bodywork required to address some rust issues that have popped up in the intervening decades.

Lithiumbomb notes that BMW E3-family cars like his Bavaria sell for much less than the more-coveted 2002s and CSes from the same era and that working examples can be found in the $1,000 - $2,000 range, with mint-condition cars checking in between $5 - 10K. Not a bad deal for anyone looking to pick up a vintage Bimmer. We happen to like old BMWs ourselves, and as such, LB's Bavaria is today's Reader Ride of the Day.

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