Engines of the future survey includes some surprising results

In December, an online survey was conducted asking recent new car purchasers, among other things, what they think the engine of the future will be powered by. Here is a small breakdown of the data obtained by PULS in Germany:

I hope you like that chart, it took me half an hour to put it together (do you see what I do for you, readers). Anyway, I find a few things interesting here. For instance, in only one area of the world surveyed did biofuels score the highest. Multiple answers were allowed, however, so perhaps many people who assumed biofuels will become a large part of the automotive landscape also believe they will be paired with a hybrid powertrain. Also, there was no option to choose electric only, which would have been interesting to see. Hydrogen looks like a popular choice!

Give us your opinions.


[Source: PULS and PRWeb]

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