There's some sort of great lede here about teaching a man to fish and letting him eat for a lifetime, but I can't get the image of Darryl Hannah licking her biodiesel gas tank cap to figure it out. Instead, I'll just say that these students have been taught the power of biodiesel and they're looking to spread the word. Meeting the Biodiesel Green Ambassadors at the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica last month was inspiring, and I feel bad it's taken me so long to put this video together, but the final result is now available. Just click the image above for 12 minutes of inspiration.

These students in the Green Ambassadors have learned about biodiesel with the help of teacher Sara Laimon and Josh Tickell, author of Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-East Oil Dependence and Money Growing Fuel. Tickell is well known for his cross-country tours in the Veggie Van and, as you can hear in the interview at the end of the clip, will have a media-busy 2007. If the kids in video keep their on-camera savvy, I'm sure we'll hear from them much more in the future as well.

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