Enter the rumormill: Honda readying S2000 Type-R?

It's well known that the S2000 is nearing the end of its life cycle. The high revving drop top has provided enthusiasts of all stripes a perfect platform for track duty and the daily slog, but something has always been missing: a Type-R variant.

The Temple of VTEC had a copy of Best Car magazine translated from its native Japanese tongue to reveal plans that were originally developed in 2004 (and had been leaked in the past) which give details about a hardcore version of Honda's popular two-door convertible.

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[Source: Temple of VTEC]

If the leaked information is to be believed, expect the Type-R to lose about 220 pounds through a strict diet that will see the removal of the air conditioning, stereo and sound deadening material, while the power-retractable roof may be nixed in favor of a carbon fiber hard top. The engine will also be beefed up through the use of lightweight, forged internals, the brakes will grow, an upgraded LSD will be added, the suspension will be dropped and stiffened, and Type-R specific wheels will likely come wrapped in some exotic compound.

The interior will also benefit from the Type-R treatment, with what we'd expect to be highly bolstered seats that dispatch the current model's leather thrones for something alcantara wrapped, along with a new steering wheel and other small, driver oriented additions. Naturally, there will be some exclusive colors; we're thinking Championship White and the eye-catching yellow that bathed past Integra and Civic Type-Rs.

If such a beast does make it to production, we'd expect it to be released sometime in early 2008, just as the S2000 is fazed out of production.

The article also details some of the changes that may be implemented on the new iteration, mainly comprised of an advanced version of the popular K20A, 2-liter engine, producing around 220 HP and designed to do battle with the Mazda MX-5. We'd encourage you to click on over to TOV for all the details than come back here and let us know if you think they're on the right path.

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