Detroit's New Crush: battery developers

Cobasys, A123 Systems, Firefly, Altair Nanotechnologies, Johnson Controls, Saft Advanced Power Solutions. AutoblogGreen readers know these names and the high-tech batteries the companies' engineers are working on, but USA Today is introducing them to the Average American in near-hyperbolic terms: as rock stars.

I agree that battery companies are one of the domestic auto industry's potential saviors, but I've seen some execs from these companies, and I've yet to see a gaggle of groupies following them. Still, harnessing the power of electric energy to practically move cars might be as life changing to cars as the electric cable was to guitars. OK, now I'm the hyperbolic one.

Point is, car batteries a getting the "ooohhh, sexy" treatment in USA Today, with an article that looks at some of the big names in battery technology and how they might power EVs and PHEVs. The article itself is good, although not required reading for anyone who checks this site regularly. But now you know that the names we slightly obsess over are becoming fodder for the newspaper with all the charts and graphs in it.

Oooohhh, sexy.

[Source: Chris Woodyard / USA Today]

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